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Free Catering coordinator job description sample

A job description of Catering coordinator includes key duties/responsibilities as follows:

1. Prepare food & beverage supply such as sandwich, salad, soup, wine or beer; ensure the compliance with safety and hygiene and other legal regulations in relation to food & beverage;

2. Perform the necessary cleaning and organizing work to keep the kitchen sanitary and tidy in accordance with standards and requirements;

3. Research to seek for potential clients and new services to satisfy their demands; develop the relationship with current and potential customers and conduct surveys to identify the requirements of services;

4. Ensure the customers’ satisfaction by supplying quality products and handling their request in timely manner;

5. Ensure the accomplishment of catering goals such as number of clients, food quality, sales, profit, etc.;

6. Offer the services to various kinds of clients including local enterprises, schools, hospitals and other organizations;

7. Provide customers with excellent catering experience;

8. Develop a frequent contact with customers by directly calling them and offering the services, introducing the services to them and negotiating businesses;

9. Prepare cost estimation and other financial reports and work out solutions to minimize the cost, maximize the efficiency, reduce waste; organize the orders to suppliers to ensure the supply of fresh materials; receive and check the goods frequently to ensure the quality of ingredients.

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